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Sahrawis in 2018

We are in 2018, the Sahrawis are independent and living in their land. Western Sahara is no longer the last colony in Africa.
The joy of reunion between families has dried the tears from decades of suffering. Mourning for the disappeared can take place after the revelations by the Moroccan authorities of the location of mass graves, and their thorough searches.
Phantom institutions established by Morocco in the territory have been replaced. New ones comprise at least, features added as needed. Justice does its job impartially. Sahrawis detained by Morocco are retried. The black prison was demolished, in its place a sculpture that symbolizes the violence and cruelty the Sahrawis have suffered there.
Young Sahrawi entrepreneurs have shifted their activities from the camps, they enhance the networks and partnerships with the Sahrawi companies already established there which have been able to develop in the preceding years.
The people decided that except for Saharawi manufacture, the borders are closed to imports of anything that can be made locally. Fisheries agreements proposed by Russia and Europe have been rejected. The marine ecosystem having been devastated by overfishing and the prohibited practices during years of occupation, the Saharawi Republic has declared its EEZ closed to all foreign fishing until further analyses prove fish stocks are in surplus.
Ecology in the Saharawi sense is central to the functioning of society, the fauna and flora which had been decimated have been successfully reintroduced. The people voted exclusively for locally produced green energy. It functions at the domestic level as well as at the economic and business level. Ethical tourism, and help from a workforce from international solidarity organisations has developed...
Many Moroccans have returned to their country to the north. Those who remain have taken dual nationality Sahrawi and Moroccan. Many former Moroccan soldiers, long-term prisoners of the Polisario, ignored and mistreated by the Moroccan regime on their return, have found a place in Saharawi society.
A Saharawi architecture has been created, deserted colonial buildings are razed. Cement and concrete wastes are a problem. Research teams have found ways to recycle them, the implementation of these solutions have started, it need to be improved.
Open air tips for litter, industrial and chemical waste discovered on the outskirts of cities or dumped in wadis are under consideration for a comprehensive and sustainable remediation. The problem is serious and has consequences for health that must be addressed. This is a new medical discipline that needed to be brought in. On the other hand, diabetes, kidney failure, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer’s are the object of public health policies, combining research, care and prevention. Psychological care is developed and made accessible to the entire population. The years of occupation and exile have left deep trauma.
Farms for horticultural production in Dakhla, former property of the King and of French companies, Idyl and Azura have been nationalized and their scope reduced by 90%. The reduced area allows production adapted to the needs of the population. Water consumption there has been optimized and chemical products banned.
Phosphate workers at Boucraa have their jobs back and retirees their pensions. The new director and executives have decided to strengthen measures to protect workers, and  have sponsored an impact study of the environmental effects of mining and transportation in its colonial form.
The demolition of the wall and mines clearance are underway. The facilities have restored the functioning and free flow to the Saguia El Hamra wadi, and other wadis.
Faithful to their tough reputation Saharawi soldiers have effectively eliminated all trafficking (fuel, cigarettes, drugs, illegal immigration) from Western Sahara.

What happened?
Assessments and findings were negative and pessimistic. The management of refugee camps deemed unsatisfactory.
On the proposal from ECHO, European funder of forgotten emergency crises, the distribution of food aid was simplified. Eliminating intermediaries, the amount allocated to families is paid directly into the accounts of the Sahrawi mothers. Food quality improved with the possibility of making requirement on the suppliers, a collateral profit system was dismantled.
As a consequence of this measure, the creation of the Saharawi bank resulted in a profound change in society and changed the perception of time and money.
The welfare state has been abandoned, the institutions reformed. The citizens declared a year of "collective effort for the solution" and each did his part around the whole world. The great initial confusion of ideas and actions in all areas has gradually organized itself into a great democratic force.
In the occupied territory of Western Sahara, concomitantly U.S. company, Kosmos Energy found oil, the French one, Total too. A rush followed with disorder and deaths, a great shock to the Saharawi society, but also for the neighboring Moroccan people.
Sahrawis refused to be satisfied with every UN decision and rejected any new plan. Before resigning, Christopher Ross, Personal Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General for Western Sahara managed to impose that the UN puts the resource revenues under its administration. The current process has accelerated the decay of the Moroccan economic system based on stolen resources, and put an end to security arguments.
Alerted by a serious epidemic and widespread geographically cases of poisoning following the consumption of fish and seafood labeled Morocco, Europe has opened an investigation and has blocked 10,000 tons of seafood coming in fact from the Western Sahara, and caught by Moroccan and Spanish. Independent analyses show repeated breaches of the cold chain - that allow one to assume the presence of Salmonella bacteria Listeria monocytogenes and -, but also the presence of cadmium in sardines fished in the northern area of Western Sahara between latitudes 27 1'N ° 17'N and 27 °, corresponding to the area around the port of El Aaiun and phosphate processing plants. More isolated cases are reported in Russia whose ships were in the area under a bilateral fisheries agreement with Morocco.
Under pressure from European nations after 2 deaths, the EU- Morocco fisheries agreement is terminated and canceled. Consistently, the agricultural agreements, CAFTA, good neighbour agreement and the advanced status have been suspended by the EU for review.
Meanwhile, the Sahrawis in a system of broad representation leaving a very big place for young people have gathered, determined to stay together until ​​a decision was made towards a solution.
Then, in the refugee camps, they packed their bags and went on foot to get through the wall and go home. The joyful walk back, civilian cars supporting the elderly and children, was welcomed in the occupied territories by the same march of Saharawis from all the cities still occupied. Friends, everyman and political representatives accompanied them - Sahrawis and solidarity from around the world - for the de facto recovery of the territory, under the eyes of the media. The people thus gathered set up the referendum and chose independence.

This is the Western Sahara in 2018, a solution was found to preserve the peace.
Otherwise, imagine...

We are in 2018.
The U.S. company Kosmos Energy has found oil offshore Western Sahara, causing euphoria of the King of Morocco and makhzen have upped the ante and sold licenses for all blocks of Western Sahara against the advice of the UN. Nothing has prevented the arrival of the American Chevron, China Petrochina, the French Total on Anzarane block further expanded, Russian LUKoil, the British BP. Violence, looting and abusive expropriations of land and sea Sahrawi accelerate in disarray with the support of the Moroccan army.
The front of the Saharawi liberation to war to protect its oil, the exploitation of which is illegal in any other than its people. The security of the region is threatened by war. The countries involved in the presence of their respective oil companies have diplomatic positions mixed. The media are very contradictory.
Ban Ki-moon acknowledged that shortly before the United Nations have failed and are powerless despite repeated efforts by his envoys and various Secretaries who preceded him. Christopher Ross resigned. Although a different approach from that of Baker, he was forced to repeat the same steps and compromise, and found himself cornered in spite of his great patience. High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem Pillay, said she, not being informed about the conflict and have no elements.
After bombing area Tiris in Western Sahara, the Moroccan aviation drops bombs on Mauritania, in retaliation for his tolerance of the passage and the use of his land by Saharawi fighters. The Algeria declares concerned. The conflict is at its gates. She asked the meeting of the Security Council.
The Canary Islands are targeted around since the beginning of the war. Europe is on the alert. With the arguments of risk for its vessels, and the use of its funds to finance armed conflict, Europe denounces the fisheries agreement with Morocco, with immediate suspension of any financial transaction. Morocco in difficulty between oil greed and fighting, request the intervention of France as in 1977.
Secretary of State of the United States, John Kerry, officially moves in Western Sahara. Conflicts in the Middle East are set. This North African conflict requires clear and effective U.S. intervention.
Morocco operates the Uranium Western Sahara in the utmost discretion for two years. The ongoing war confirms international fears of a nuclear warlike use, especially as Wikileaks recently revealed cables reported suspicions of trade with France on the issue. The France denies. Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy for the European Union and Vice-President of the European Commission meeting in Rabat Mohamed 6 to discuss the country's nuclear program. The meeting is courteous and provides no information or insurance in Europe.
It is a threat taken seriously internationally especially in the north of Morocco in the Rif and in the Agadir region, mutinies and individual initiatives Moroccan general multiply. Noise filter a coup foiled. Nothing is proven.
En route to Uruguay, the royal plane, a Boeing 737-8, registration CN- MVI is grounded by Interpol in its technical stop in Barcelona. After the usual formalities, 42 tonnes of cannabis resin seizures are on board and destroyed. Condition of anonymity, a crew member says he was commissioned by the king to seek funding. The market value of the shipment is estimated between 100 and 120 million euros.
The African Union is for the first time in its history measures to stop the war and sends his soldiers. The Morocco refuses, he is not a member of the AU. On the Western Sahara. Intervention is declared legitimate by the legal services of the AU.
Usa send an aircraft carrier, close to their base before surgery. They are alert. AQIM took the opportunity of conflict to threaten again. Shipments of weapons have disappeared in the desert, fuel depots jumped into spectacular din, acts claimed by Al-Qaeda branch.
The Saharawi liberation army organized armed resistance inside the occupied territory, to contain the risks of commando action.
In El Aaiun, the Sahrawi resistance occupy power stations, local regional television and radio. They set up their tents on the roof.
Due to a technical error, Aljazeera broadcast mirror images of the city. On this basis mirroring, Morocco bombed what he believes a similar Gdaim Izik camp, and destroyed all electrical and communication system of Western Sahara.
One area Lagueira retains the possibility of communications on Mauritanian network. Sahrawis use this means of communication to get the information, in dribs and drabs.
At the height of the fighting, Pope Francis boot from Timor, where he attends the anniversary of independence, an appeal for peace in Western Sahara.
Spain reacted on the information of the discovery of oil offshore Western Sahara to reaffirm its legal status colonial administrator on Western Sahara and claim his share of the profits. Directly affected by the extension of the conflict on the Canary Islands and the threat to Europe, then it changes radically free speech and declared the archipelago of legal and historical ties that bind to it. Spain officially declares that the Canaries belong to the Africa area.
Mauritania, taking advantage of the legal vacuum, then sends its troops to occupy the Canary "to protect Mauritanian migrants " on-site community considered the most important. Concordantly, she filed before the UNGA its claims to the islands, asking him to take note and make it official. The UN refuses occupation and recognizes the Canary Islands as a country in itself. The AU adopted the integration of the Canary Islands as its 53th member.
In Morocco there is much confusion and popular unrest are increasingly violent about the "war of the King" that decimated the youth. The Moroccan immigration to Europe is experiencing no increase above at the beginning of the war. Crossing Gibraltar Tangier was stormed, media reporting on more than 500 pass attempts per day. Large ships are chartered and is a non-controlling leakage. The transport capacity is exceeded. Every trip, it is about 3,000 Moroccans landed in Portugal, and 3,200 in the Balearic.
As usual, King Mohamed 6 left the palace in Rabat. We know that women and children are in France, in the castle of Betz, it is not there  It is found. The crowd discovers yellow complexion, thin and bearded in a manure pit. Events are connected then very quickly and despite the dissension in the group of his pursuers, the king is tortured to death. It quickly reveals the location of gold reserves, which does not save it. The crowd screams " you stole gold in our blood ", " blood of the people, gold of the people."
Ashton hastily left the popular and symbolic ceremony to celebrate the acquisition of the independence of Scotland, Catalonia and the Basque Country following the referendum decision of the three peoples. She goes to this time Western Sahara, in an attempt to solve this problem born of the international deaf to the will of another people.
In the confusion of the attacks by the Sahrawi army of liberation against Moroccan troops without really command, they retreated in disarray and lost at night in the middle of minefields and anti-tank mines. Dormant for 20 years, the mines explode on the passage disoriented troops, causing heavy casualties. During peacetime, when Sahrawi nomads and their herds jumped on mining, Morocco had neither identified nor cleared more than seven million remnants of war and it is now turning against his youth.
Sahrawi refugees are incorporated resistance, few of them remain in the camps of Tindouf. They are in the desert in the liberated territories and the occupied territories, and move for fear of Moroccan bombing. Memories of elderly’s traumas, bombed with napalm and white phosphorus resurface. The populations of occupied cities are also displaced in the desert and are suffering.
The High Commissioner for Refugees are many difficulties in the supply of emergency food and calls for the creation of humanitarian corridors. It uses an extension of budget to use cargo aircraft and parachute food to refugees. NGOs can no longer intervene in the desert. Those located in the busy capital are either security alert, limiting all their movements, or in preparation for evacuation.
UNICEF appeals to the international community. Sahrawi children are in danger. Initially deficient, they no longer enjoy the most basic care.
Journalists who managed to enter the Western Sahara, Euro-parliamentarians and humanitarian official delegation were attacked by Moroccan forces. Consequently, the UN said that MINURSO, its on-site must monitor human rights in Western Sahara.
Result of its failure last attempt to change the conflict, the UN recognizes the Polisario status National Liberation Front, as she recognized the PLO. The Security Council affirms the illegality of the tripartite agreement. There is no question of passing of Chapter 6 to Chapter 7 of the UN Charter to try to get out of chaos.
An international conference held in Geneva imposes independence and recognition of Western Sahara by the General Assembly of the UN.
The Security Council sends special forces to protect the Saharawi population and monitor the withdrawal of troops and Moroccan settlers.
The Institute of Strategic Studies Baker announced that the cost of this war, destruction of property and loss of life, is more than 100 times the cost of the presence of MINURSO for the 27 years preceding the war of oil, black war of Independence.

The solution is this, that one or another with elements of it and that one... The object was to start writing. Actions build the future and all its minutiae.
So imagine...

APSO, August 17, 2014